Registered Hologram

Registered Image Hologram Stamping can be achieved through these attachments. It needs sensors to sense the registration mark on the holographic foil. Precise Equipments Pvt. Ltd. offers a cutting edge technology to make Registered Hologram Stamping fast, hassle free & cost effective through multiple pull (up to 3 at a time) along with foil saving. Our Registered Hologram Stamping device is equipped with a special mark sensor that ensures correct position of each foil so that the image is exactly positioned for each hologram. Our devices are a simpler and hassle free way to your Registered Hologram Stamping jobs.

Piracy and duplication of identities, products and brand signatures is a major concern with the corporates. Piracy can be effectively combated by making duplication difficult. The following measures are most commonly used against piracy:
> Invisible Printing
> Thermal Inks
> Water Mark
> Hologram (Stamping and Sticker)

Most security techniques have their limitations and fail at some time or the other. While Sticker Holograms can be scratched and removed by repeated use, Hologram Stamping is by far the most effective security device against counterfeiting in the field of credit cards and European banknotes.

There are two kinds of Hologram Stamping Methods:
1.) Registered Holograms Stamping
2.) Wallpaper stamping

Registered Holograms give an additional level of verification and security thereby making counterfeiting nearly impossible. In the corporate world the registered holograms are soon evolving as the next generation trademarks. But, Registered Holograms are more expensive and complicated to create and transfer on the substrate, as compared to wallpaper holograms. While wallpaper holograms can be printed in bulk, Registered Holograms are usually printed one at a time.

The benefits of using holograms in both security and non-security applications are widely recognized.
1.) Combats Counterfeiting: Cannot be optically scanned by computer and Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier.
2.) Minimizes Document Tampering: Provides Product Authentication, Quick and Easy Optical Validation and Embedded and Hidden Images in the Hologram.
3.) Increased Brand Sales
4.) Enhances Packaging Appeal
5.) Improves Consumer Brand Awareness

- Security
- Currency
- Credit Card
- Stock Certificate
- Legal Document
- Government Document
- ID Badge
- Passport & Visa
- Prescription Pad
- Drivers License
- Automobile Registration

- Collectibles (Autographed merchandise, etc...)
- Warranty Seals (void if removed)
- Branded Products
- Tobacco
- Apparels
- Liquor
- Tickets (Events, Lottery, etc...)
- Stamps
- Gift Certificates

- Consumer Products
- Direct Mail
- Ad speciality

- High Value Packaging
- Speciality Labels
- Hologram
- Security Applications
- Micro Embossing with Foil
- Gift Items

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