Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Johannisberg Cylinder Press

The Miller Johannisberg Cylinder Machine is renowned for its robust and unwavering performance within the cylinder letterpress family. This resilient machine, known for its hassle-free operation, can embark on a transformative journey by becoming a 'Foil Stamping' machine. Unlock its full potential with our Hot Foil Stamping Attachment, offering a new lease of life to these remarkable machines.

Hot Foil Stamping Attachment Machine for Johannisberg Cylinder Letterpress

Technical Specifications of Hot Foil Stamping Attachments for Johannisberg Cylinder Press

Technical Specifications of Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Johannisberg Cylinder Press

Hot Foil Stamping Attachment Parts

Heater Plate of Hot Foil Stamping Attachment
Heater Plate

Equipped with specially designed heavy-duty heaters and PID temperature controllers. A 8 KW heater plate that seamlessly replaces the printing chase, ensuring precise adjustments and secure locking.

Foil Pulling Unit of Hot Foil Stamping Attachment
Foil Pulling Unit

A motorized unit designed for accuracy and foil savings. Easy-to-mount on the machine's top or inking unit, equipped with user-friendly operating systems and self-fault diagnostics.

Electronic Control Panel of Hot Foil Stamping Attachment
Touch Screen Control Panel

Motor Controller with CPU, Stepper Drive, Power Supply, and user-friendly keyboard with display, and Temperature Controller for precise heating control.

Registered Hologram
Registered Hologram

Our technology offers fast, hassle-free, and cost-effective Registered Hologram Stamping with multiple pull capabilities, ensuring precise foil positioning for each hologram.

Hot Foil Stamping Attachment Service Features

Our commitment to safeguarding your equipment includes special locking systems for foil bars, stamping dies, and heaters.

Ensuring the safety of your operators is paramount, and our system includes special locking mechanisms for added security.

Our attachment is designed for effortless operation, promoting efficiency in your processes.

Count on us for comprehensive training and support to make the most of your foiling attachment.

Key Advantages of our Hot Foil Stamping Attachment for Johannisberg Cylinder Press

  • Versatile Holography: Our attachment enables a converted Johannisberg Cylinder letterpress machine to run an impressive 16 foil strips, each as narrow as 10mm, in a single job. This not only makes holography accessible but also remarkably cost-effective.
  • Impeccable Foil Transfer: Achieving the transfer of a solid patch of foil onto a full-size sheet becomes effortlessly attainable with the precision and reliability of the Johannisberg Cylinder machine.
  • Elevated Performance: Elevate the performance of your Johannisberg Cylinder Press to new heights, transforming it into a versatile workhorse capable of intricate foil stamping tasks.
  • Hassle-Free Operation: Enjoy a seamless transition from traditional printing to stunning foil stamping with an attachment designed for ease of use.
  • Quality Assurance: Rest easy knowing that our attachments meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Unlock the potential of your Johannisberg Cylinder Press by harnessing the power of our Hot Foil Stamping Attachment. Contact us today to explore this transformative technology and make your mark in the world of print. Elevate your projects, expand your creative horizons, and embrace the future of foil stamping.


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