Control Panel Unit

This is the touch screen Control Part of the attachment.  It has as PID type temperature controller and a 3 phase solid state relay card to drive the power of the heater plate. The following are the parts of the Control Panel Unit:    

  1. High Voltage Power Supply- This part is located in the left most slot of the mother board. It has a Red colored LED (light) on this. The light glows when the power is , switched ON. Output voltage of this card is 55 volts and 70 volts D.C.
  2. Low Voltage Power Supply- This is inserted in the 2nd slot of the mother board. It has a green colored LED on it. Output voltages of this part are -5v, 15 v,5v D.C.
  3. CPU- This card contains the micro controller, which is responsibie for the total, control. It has a gray colored flat cable, 'which goes to the keyboard and display. Location of this part is third slot on the motherboard.
  4. Stepper Drive- This part supplies power to the stepper motor. Its location is fourth slot of the motherboard. Failure of this card results in power failure of the motor.
  5. Temperature Controller- This device is Em advanced temp. Controlier with PID control technique. It controls the temperature of the heater plate.
  6. Solid State Contactor- It is mounted on an insertable card. Its location is in the fifth slot of the motherboard.
  7. Keyboard & Display- This is mounted on the front plate of the control panel. It is used to feed and see the variables of the foil pulling.
  8. MCB- It is located on the left wall of the control panel. It is used to disconnect the three phase power of trreheater plate.
  9. Motherboard- This holds all the electronic cards and connects them to each other as well as the external devices.
  10. Connectors

Fixing of Control Panel on Plate - Hot Foil Stamping Attachment 

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